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Agents, take the lead.

Coming soon, a new way to generate quality seller & buyer leads, ace listing presentations and embrace iBuyers, giving your clients the best home selling experience on the planet.

Give your clients the power.

We know it can be time consuming to get leads and in today’s age of iBuyers, selling a home can be daunting for your clients. That’s why we built OfferBarn, to save you time, get you the leads you deserve, and give your clients multiple guaranteed offers in one simple step. Either way, you win.

Certified Cash Buyer

Quality leads

Agents spend thousands of dollars every month trying to get leads that may not be legitimate. OfferBarn’s leads are from real people wanting to sell real homes.

Make it your own

Share your own, personal OfferBarn link to get leads from your marketing circle. Share the link via email, Facebook, Twitter, or even embed into your own website.


OfferBarn calculates commissions, closing costs, and fees. It shows your clients what they’re really going to get, so there are never any surprises at the closing table.

One Simple Step

Submit a home, get multiple offers.

There is no Step 2 — really. We’ll do all the hard work for you. Get instant offers from multiple buyers, and review everything you need to know about each offer.

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