Agents, take the lead.

OfferBarn is a concierge service to help agents obtain iBuyer offers for clients, ace listing presentations, and generate quality leads.

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Make the sale. Everyone wins.

In today's market, iBuyers are giving sellers many new choices. That's why we built OfferBarn — to help agents gather that information, build relationships, and give their clients all the options to consider in one convenient, simple place. Everyone wins.

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Certified Cash Buyer

Use your custom link to attract new clients by providing multiple guaranteed offers

Don't compete against iBuyers. Help your clients discover them.

After you've sold their house, help your new clients buy their next home

Be a rockstar at listing presentations by showing all possible sale scenarios

As more competitors offer iBuyer options to clients, stay relevant and present more solutions

More than 40% of sellers look into iBuyer options; be the one they come to first


Quality leads

Agents spend thousands of dollars every month trying to get leads that may not be legitimate. OfferBarn’s leads are from real people wanting to sell real homes.

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Make it your own

Share your own, personal OfferBarn link to get leads from your marketing circle. Share the link via email, Facebook, Twitter, or even embed into your own website.

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Keep your Commission

OfferBarn does not collect any fees or commission from home sales. OfferBarn's compensation is via the monthly subscription fee. Plain and simple.

One Simple Step

Submit a home, get offers.

There is no Step 2 — really. We’ll do all the hard work for you. Get instant offers from iBuyers, and review everything you need to know about each offer.

Priced for everyone.

We've priced OfferBarn to be accessible to all agents, because we can't wait to see what you do with it.

$99 per month

  • 14-day free trial
  • unlimited leads and submissions
  • create your own custom link
  • promote your link with a widget
  • get offers from Zillow, Opendoor, Offerpad, and more
  • download PDF listing presentations